Video Creators Academy

Learn The ART And SCIENCE Of How To Plan, Create & Market Professional (And Profitable!) Videos...

If you’ve been creating (or procrastinating) videos for your business and are tired of how amateur they often look and are ready to stand out in your market and be taken seriously for the expert you are…
Then guess what?! There is a way to do that with video that doesn’t require fancy gear, big budgets and years of training…
Join Me In This Course Where All Of This (And So Much More) Is Possible For You...

Just Imagine...

  • Being the go-to, influential leader in your market and having hundreds to thousands of customers thanking you for sharing your message because you’re confidently and consistently showing up and serving them through video (Oprah-style!).
  • Empowering yourself and even a team to support your dreams as you publish intentional videos that have been planned, edited, designed and marketed on-brand and on-mission.
  • More freedom to finally take more time off for vacations, family and friends while your video marketing campaigns publish for you weeks and months in advance through batch processes and following the Video Supply™ process.
  • Be guided by the hand to know exactly how to plan, script, film, edit, repurpose and market professional (and profitable!) videos for your business.
  • Use proven video creation and marketing strategies, through the Video Supply™ process, to scale your marketing efforts without breaking the bank!
  • Use the exact video system we use to create polished, genuine and valuable video content for the entire customer experience across all social media, funnels, blogs, events, courses and more.
  • Gain 100% clarity so you know what you feel called to do, how to talk about what you do to attract the right clients and who you feel called to serve - using video.
  • Be supported by an ambitious community of video creators to keep you progressing, accountable and transformed as you own and get big results with video marketing.

"We won a Telly Award! I'm seriously beyond grateful as this video truly represented the passion Teachable and I have for the creators that are saying yes to their passions, big ideas and sharing it with the world. Huge shout out to Dallin for his amazing filming!"

- Jess Catorc, Teachable Co.

"It worked so well I ended up featured on Forbes. It’s gotten thousands of views and I’ve actually hired him to help me with my entire video content strategy. So if you’re thinking about video content in your business, which you absolutely should, Dallin Nead and his team over at Content Supply is the only choice. My business will never be the same again."

- Julie Stoian, Founder, Create Your Laptop Life and Funnel Gorgeous

"I worked with Dallin on my batch video recording and I can't recommend him enough. He was professional, innovative and a pleasure to work with. The final product was amazing and it's obvious as soon as you start working with Dallin how much thought, care and innovation goes into his work."

- Emily Hirsh, Founder, Hirsh Marketing

Course Curriculum

  PART THREE: Marketing And Influence Roadmap [Available November 14+]
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Your Instructor

Dallin Nead
Dallin Nead

I’m Dallin Nead, Creator of The Video Supply™ Framework. After 10 years of video marketing and production experience, I’ve been able to scale businesses with video, faster than any other marketing tool. I’ve served many brands like Princess Cruises, U.S. Marine Corp., Teachable, Run Like Clockwork and many others - using my successful models for getting results with video.

I believe meaningful stories have the power to change lives, influence decisions and create opportunities. The best way to share stories is with video. And...Video Supply™ is a video marketing framework I use that helps entrepreneurs plan, create and market videos for maximum impact!

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve taken a video editing course before - how is this any different?
Video Supply Creators does include video editing, yes. But video editing is just one step in the whole process of video creation. Without a strategic distribution plan, a customer study, message prep and more then the most beautifully-edited video will not work and get you the results you want.
I don’t plan to always edit my own videos, do I need this?
Simple answer, yes. If you’re already needing to create and edit your own videos because of budget limitations or just creative curiosity then why not invest in proven, professional methods used to produce millions of results in return. And, you’ll learn about empowering a content team so you can focus on your zone of genius throughout the whole video creation AND marketing process, be that editing, scripting, research, marketing or building the vision for the whole business. This is not just a course on simply creating videos!
What if I have questions during the program?
There will be opportunities to ask any question you want in the private community AND book an exclusive coaching call with me for further, personalized guidance if you’re one of the first Creators joining.
Who is this Dallin Nead guy and why should I even trust him?
Dallin is a video branding and marketing expert with over 10 years of experience building successful video marketing campaigns. He’s been hired to consult, plan, script, film, edit, produce and market for clients like Teachable, U.S. Marine Corp., Princess Cruises, Run Like Clockwork and many more. He’s also won awards, produced theatrically-released movies, traveled the world and had work featured on major publications (like Forbes) and TV channels. *So I totally just wrote this in third-person about myself ;)